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WW2 Fabrications

British Airborne


 Payment instalments accepted of upto four equal monthly payments, 1st payment reserves.... final payment dispatches, sale/special offer items are not included please enquire for more details.

Bren Gun Twin Mount

Bren gun twin cowl mount, for Mk l ll and lll bren guns, all steel construction ready to fit comes either on short cowl stand or long pedestal stand painted in red oxide, £200.00 for the short version and £250 00 for the long version, PLUS P+P

Bren Gun Step mount

Bren Gun step mount, field modification and the windscreen opens and closes with the mount bolted in position comes with all nuts and bolts ready to fit, full 360 degree rotation for all marks of the bren gun. £120.00 (plus P+P)

Enfield Rifle Spring Steel Clips

  Enfield Rifle spring steel clips for securing the enfield rifle and bren gun on the WW2 Jeep and other vehicles. Come fitted on a flat or angled bracket, ready for mounting ,£31.00 each (plus P+P) please state which you prefer when ordering.

Bren Gun panel mount

Bren Gun panel mount, designed to fit the rear panel of the Jeep, takes all marks of Bren Gun, full 360 degree rotation, comes with all nuts and bolts ready to fit. £85.00 (plus P+P)

Bren Drivers Wing Mount

Bren Gun drivers wing mount, takes all marks of the Bren Gun comes complete with all nuts and bolts ready to fit. The model below is the taller version for anti aircraft. The model on the right is the standard height version. £145.00 (plus P+P)

Airborne battery wing baskets

Airborne battery wing baskets and rear battery radio basket, comes as a set, or can be purchased individually, come painted in red oxide primer. £170.00 (for the set of three) or wing baskets £50.00 each and rear battery basket is £80.00 (plus P+P) Made from original drawings.

Front Bumper Towing Eye

  Towing Eye as fitted to the front bumper on the British Airbourne Jeep, comes painted in red oxide and ready to fit, copied from original drawings, £45.00 plus P+P.

Airborne Jeep Bumper (modification No 4C)

Front bumper for the Airborne Jeep, this type of bumper was used to allow the jeep to be loaded into the glider, the bumper is strengthened as per original drawings £135.00 (plus P+P)

Airborne Jeep Bumper (modification No 4)

Front bumper for the airborne Jeep, this type of bumper was used to allow the Jeep to be loaded into the glider. Bumper is strengthened and has a front towing eye come ready to fit. £180.00 (plus P+P)

British Airborne Spare Wheel Support (modification No12)

British Airborne spare wheel support, bolts between the two front chassis to relocate the spare wheel from the rear to the front for loading into the gliders, made from original drawings. £70.00 (plus P+P)

British Airborne Spare Wheel Supports

  British Airborne spare wheel supports for relocating the spare wheel from the rear of the Jeep to the front bumper position, common to all airborne Jeeps £80.00 the set (plus P+P)

British Airborne Hood / bonnet stores frame

British Airborne hood / bonnet stores frame for Bren magazine boxes or various stores, comes complete with fixed footmans loops to attach the 1 inch webbing strapping. £65.00 (Plus P+P)

British Airborne Signals Cable Reel Carrier (modification No 5)

British Airborne Signals Cable reel carrier, fitted to airborne Jeeps, used by the signals corps, fits to the front right of the bonnet/hood, made to original drawings. £60.00 (plus P+P)

Airborne Recce Mount

Airborne Recce mount that was used in the first operations in Holland and Arnhem, takes a single Vickers K VGO and comes ready to fit, £140.00 plus P+P.

Wireless Set Carrier ( modification No 7)

  Wireless set carrier airborne modification number 7, for the number 18 and 68 wireless set, it mounts on the top of the nearside rear wheel housing and comes complete as pictured. £185.00 (plus p+p)

Radio spares frames

 Radio frames for carrying the No 19/22 set, spare valve box and remote sender, as used by the airborne signals Jeep, they mount on the top of the right wheel arch. £30.00 plus P+P.

Airborne Towing A Frame

  Airborne Towing A Frame as used on all British Airborne Jeeps for tandem towing, copied from original drawings, £180.00 plus P+P.

Airborne Pannier Frame (modification no 28)

Airborne Pannier Frame modification # 28, fits to the rear of the jeep to carry stores, rations etc and the large wicker airborne drop basket. Folds flat to the rear of the jeep when not in use, all steel construction copied from original blue prints, comes painted in red oxide primer with all nuts and bolts and chassis brackets, ready to fit, £250.00 (plus p+p) 

Carrier for 2 gallon petrol cans

  Carrier that takes two standard issue 2 gallon cans, used for petrol or water, the frame sits between the two front seats of the Airborne and SAS Jeeps, they were also used on the Daimler Dingo and the humber armoured cars, as seen fitted to many British war time vehicles. £27.00 (plus P+P). (can not included)

Jeep Anti theft device

 Jeep Anti theft device made of heavy duty box section, quick to install, fits across the front or rear wheels, ideal for when your leaving your Jeep in show areas and easy to store in 2 sections,padlock NOT included. £80.00 Plus P+P

Twin Vickers K vgo tube cowl mount (scaffold mount)

  Twin Vickers K vgo tube cowl mount (scaffold type) all steel replica comes painted in red oxide complete with all fixings £350.00 plus P+P